I will concentrate. My mind is my own. It is Tuesday, November 8th, 2006.

Last night I spoke with Audra and I like where her training is going so far. She found the loophole I left, but now I’ve closed that one and opened another. At one point I will have to start her memory training in earnest, but for now I enjoy seeing how she avoids assignments.

I helped her pack that evening. The advantage of spending time with Lorenzo is that women’s clothes is not a mystery to me. In fact, she has some lovely outfits that would look wonderful on the new alias I’m crafting. I have really beautiful calves and the way the skirts were cut- Back on topic, Nick. Your arrogance will kill you.

She bought another book, like I expected. I didn’t expect her to use the answers in the back, but now I have a better idea of what to count on. So long as there is an easy way out, she will take it. I can use that tendency.

I also wanted to warn you to be careful of yourself. I’ve been you before, and don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made.

She didn’t quite get it. I know that she wanted to, but I still sense that she doesn’t think things like that will happen to her. She isn’t afraid, and that’s what’s really going to get her. I pulled out my picture.

Thought Bubble

There are 83 stars, but only 48 names in the book beneath it. She was confused. Makes sense, I hadn’t explained yet. This is the CIA memorial wall. Each star represents an agent killed during a mission. 48 of the agents are listed in the book beneath, called the Book of Honor. 35 agents must remain anonymous, even in death. That got her attention a little bit, but I think this did the job, Second row from the bottom, seventh from the left is me.

I told her about Budapest and the cafe, trying to stress that the reason why I’m one of the unnamed 35 is because I got cocky. You get confident and then ambitious and then you think if you just go for it you can wiggle your way out of it…I know exactly what you’re talking about. No, you don’t, Audra. Not yet. But you will one day. It was a good object lesson, and honesty was clearly the way to go with this as I had every doubt that it would mean something right now. Hopefully the first time her ego ruins a mission, she’ll think about my star and remember that it could get much worse. You’re getting sentimental. Stick to the facts. Yes, she will fail one day. Yes, she has a lot to learn. So will you and and so do you, and don’t get egotistical like an ideally trained mentor. You will teach her with reasonable expectations or you will not teach her at all. I’m right.

I look forward to seeing how she cheats on the next assignment. They only get worse from here.

And her first acting challenge makes me smile just thinking about it…

No cars tonight, but a plane overhead flying a banner and the sulfur in the water is up tonight. Neighbors also docked their boat too hard. Must have just come back from a picnic on the water and didn’t finish all the hot dogs. Have to tell Roger that if he wants that boat to last a few years, he has to be careful when he docks it.


This is later the same night. Solved it. That’s why I do this.