OK, so I went to see Cheap Trick last night at the WMMO Downtown Concert Series and I have to say that it was really pretty awesome. I went with purplecowmn and kaliana and I think we all had a great time. The other two didn’t realize how many Cheap Trick songs they actually knew, so it was a little bit of an awakening for them. During “Surrender” the lead guitarist brought out a five necked (that’s 30 string) guitar. It was pure showmanship, but I thought it was pretty nifty.

I’ve also decided that I was born to be a rock and roll front man. You know, except for that pesky “not being able to sing” thing. It’s as if Mozart were born without hands. I have the moves. I have the energy. I have the white-hot passion of rock and roll burning in my loins. Yes, I have had that checked out. I’m just unable to attempt to actually produce a note (or, more to the point, several in sequence) without causing others to want to stick their heads in the nearest sound-dampening material, up to and including lye. Still, I’m totally sure that if it weren’t for that, I would right now be on tour someplace.