OK, so last night’s changeling game went really well considering that the weather conspired against us and the attendance wasn’t as large as I expected. I guess driving past tornadoes was too crazy even for some of my players. I can’t really blame them, honestly. However, those that did attend did a great job of stepping into various roles and keeping the story moving along. We tied up several loose ends, and I’m currently working on an official local mythology document in order to put into narrative form what the past 2 1/2 years have meant. I know I had trouble keeping track of it some times. I can only credit my incredible staff and players for helping keep me on track.

However, I’m going to write a CNN report right now detailing what happened so that it’s all IC public knowledge. Everyone who wasn’t at the game is currently frozen until I can run a suspire with them to see how their characters choose.

I also still have a Nick post to do from last Friday, but I wanted to run a scene first, so hopefully I’ll run the scene tonight and write it up tomorrow.

Again, I want to thank all of my players. I hope you all walked away feeling like you played an important part in the game and are happy with the decision your character made and the way in which it was presented.