For all of my changeling players not on the Orlando Changeling list, this email has been circulating from the RST. He doesn’t want to appoint a new ARST Changeling for the Southeast. He doesn’t want to schedule Changeling at SERE this year. He doesn’t want to support our venue in the Southeast because he thinks that there isn’t enough interest.

Well, I say NO! I say we have struggled for the great venue that we have and deserve to have regional support of it. So read below and reply to Clint. Tell him that we have earned any support this venue can be given. Tell him that we will not quietly disappear, but will tell some of the greatest stories the Cam has ever seen. CC me on the email if you have the address, or at the very least reply here and let me know that you did. Let’s see the Changeling players rise up and make our voices heard in the hallowed halls of Clint’s Inbox!

Now that ICC is over and done with, ending up with the Changeling back in 
Arcadia, I'm faced with a decision when it comes to the venue.  I have a feeling 
there are still players out there who want to keep goingwith the venue and play out
 what there is in Arcadia once the setting material is released until the new 
Changeling Venue comes out.In order for me to put out an all-call for a new ARST to
 handle this, I need to see if there is enough call to do so.  Therefore I'm asking
 for interested players to place email me personally and let me know you're 
interested.  Here is what I need from you, emailed to me PRIVATELY at 
I will also let people know ahead of time that I am not intending onscheduling Changeling for SERE. If there is enough active interest,this may change, but that is my intention at this time.Thanks in advance for commentary.
--Clint Hauser