From the Journal of the late Noel Aig:


Everything appears to be packed. I always found it strange that while the English neatness in all other things seemed to come naturally to me, the ability to pack in any semblance of order continues to escape my very Irish grasp. Often I simply give up half way through and throw my belongings and worldly possessions, as well as a selection of books for work or pleasure, into a duffle bag and be done with it, but tonight I feel like I should be trying to make an extra effort.

And that’s really where it comes in. I’m going to be a father, and I need to make those extra efforts. Extra effort to learn to pack and set a good example. Extra effort to save the world for my Awakened children. Extra effort not to get killed so that I can help raise them.

Fiction is taking this well, in her way. I really wish I had her strength. A part of me realizes how much pain she holds on to, and as a leader I wish I could do the same so effortlessly. There are times when I find it difficult to believe that our tiny group of renegade Mages looks to me for guidance, and now the entirety of the Awakened population of Orlando, save a few, will do the same. I can already feel some of them trying to guide me on their path instead of my own, but for the most part they want me to clean up the mess that’s been made over the course of a year, and it frightens me that I have no idea where to start. I also don’t know how to be a father. And yet I’ll have to learn to be responsible in both cases while on the job, so to say.

For record-keeping purposes, I’m flying to Milwaukee on the 6:15 Airtran flight out of Orlando and have a layover in Atlanta, putting me in Wisconson around 10 o’clock. Among the issues I will have to keep an eye on is that the Free Council is hosting a party in a house owned by Jimmy Hood-Wink that is known to have pockets of free-floating Paradox or some such, so the use of magic is out, and I will have to keep a close watch on Zephyr, who hides his nervousness well but will need support if that armoire appears and he is required to use his magical key. Though I don’t know what else will happen, I’m sure that the convergence of events will bring me to the place I need to be.

OOC: Before anybody freaks, Noel is not dead. However, I thought it would be an interesting format to have this be his published journals (in Awakened society, perhaps) from after his death sometime in the future. It’s the only way anybody would be able to read his journals, so it seemed appropriate. Hopefully I’ll have time to do more of these.