My mind is my own. My thoughts are under my control. I will control my mind and think in reasoned, measured sentences.

This evening I will fly to Milwaukee. It pains me not to be with my family directly, but I can serve them better in my current position. “The unknown threat is the most dangerous.” Remember that. Never forget that.

I’m going to have to speak with Audra. These problems are out of control, and while Julian’s inability to relate to her is mostly to blame, if she doesn’t take control of her pride, she will be destroyed by it. I’ve seen it. I almost was it. She is too talented to waste on herself, and I cannot let her self-destruction bring anybody with her. Remember both of those reasons, they are your stakes.

Waiting on Salomon and Dante doesn’t sound exciting in the slightest, but I believe that I will be able to slip into the places that I need to. If I can somehow get into the meeting of the Trust, I believe it will what was that? Cat outside. that it will reveal something important.

I trust that the Crone will have some sort of new information regarding Inanna before the end of the the week. She is too quiet, and this sort of gathering is too much…lost concentration. Remember to punish yourself later. too much of a temptation, even if only to pass along a message. If she is still interested in that fu…Chase, my sire’s influence runs deep, then there’s a possibility that his marriage to Rose might put her in trouble as well. At least I can openly help her. Can’t help my sire, but I now have an in-road to Ethan and Audra due to my position in the ASC.

Remember to breathe when in the company of mortals. Grey Taurus was the only car passing by the window during this session, year 2000. They end their production today. Lost concentration twice, almost thought incorrectly. End session.

OOC: So, the format I’ve decided on for Nick posts is that you’re getting inside Nick’s head while he basically meditates and puts his thoughts in order. Parts of this will be stream of consciousness as a result, but I think that readers will have the best opportunity to see how Nick sees the world and events around him. Let me know how it works out.