Well, I have just finished watching as the sky slowly took on definition and depth, and I realize now that can only mean that it is in fact morning. This also means that I have failed to achieve the elucid mind-state called “sleep.” A part of me wants to sleep, however I simply will not allow myself to follow through with the nessesary operations of relaxing and losing consciousness.

Now, the clever reader may ask, “So, Kaoru, why didn’t you sleep?” Other than a general alteration of my regular sleeping schedule (which has angered many of my loyal viewers), I am also excited beyond all belief. You see, today we get the keys to the new apartment (as yet to be Named), and can finally begin the process of moving in. Even as I listen to David Gilmore’s vast and expansive solo now, I can see my future laid before me and can only wonder whether my cleaning service covers that. Today begins a jont down to Springs for a night, after which we will return laden quite heavily with stuff. Not just any stuff, though — our stuff. Our stuff for our apartment. This means quite a bit to me, since it represents yet one more step into independence. This also creates another strong bond between myself and three of the closest people to me, and it will be throughly pleasant.

On top of this bit of wonderful news, we will be bringing more than boxes back up with us. We will also be bringing our friend Ben, my oldest and one of my best friends. I hope that the Orlando people and Orlando aficionados will enjoy his visit and company. Still, it will be nice to have him up here with us for a visit, as I miss his company and would like to introduce aspects of my old life into my new one and see the reaction. This is why I am also excited that Rhia, Dex, and Aiden will be spending time at the apartment at the end of May for Jacon.

Anyway, as time marches forth, I realize that I can get some packing and organizing done. With that in mind, I will most likely read online comics until Elric wakes up and calls me. I’ve been touring campus in my bathrobe all morning so far (Arthur Dent style), and I am considering whether it’s worth getting dressed to pick up my key. Probably not a good idea to show up in a state of semi-nakedness before I get the key, but then again, it just might be. Maybe there’s a discount in there somewhere…..