While I love Penny Arcade for its comic content, I also cannot help but love the rants as well for their intellectual and topical subjects. Tycho and Gabe have fantastic minds, and a wonderfully witty way of expressing them. This is why on the issue they address in this rant, I choose to point to their (or at this time of the morning, just Tycho’s) commentary.

Most of the people who would read this are in one way or another gamers. Some of you throughly enjoy video games as well as roll playing or other forms of them. Now, if those video game people would turn their attention to many of the new and interesting titles that do not focus on mindless bloodshed, they might see that these artistic entertainment mediums are appearantly quite clearly not a form of expression. Now, those who know me know that in certain aspects I am as liberal as they come. I am a firm believer that only through the acceptance of new mediums of art and storytelling can we ever progress and allow a free flow of ideas. To summerily eliminate such a large area such as the entire line of “video games” from the position of “expression” is akin to saying that all presidents after the year 1900 were not preidents because they stopped the traditional role of said office as Congressional bitch-boy. This is especially troublesome as games are becoming more like feature-length films with every new release, but cannot be counted in the same catagory as the art form that they are beginning to emulate.

While this does not alter my mood from earlier and will probably sound pseudo-philosophical or pseudo-intellectual at times due to blinding fury (or the Kaoru approximation of such), this is a major annoyance with me, as I see it as once again a middle-age to elderly dominated voting populous looking for something to blame their poor parenting or percieved lack of safety on, thereby justifying their days and living the superhero fantasy they’ve always had in a greatly diminished fashion. You are not going to save the world this way, so please stop trying before you destroy it in the process.