Ok, Titusville rocked the mic in so many ways. I’m finally able to start playing my character’s other side, and that just makes it all the better. While yes, swanky New York playboy Alexi is fun, it’s nice when this seeming coward (i.e. “I’m a lover, not a fighter” type) sees Sabbat and rushes into battle with his Ghoul Squad, pissed beyond all living hell. It facilitaed a way for Alexi to start liking Collan Greene more since Elric’s character was proxied with us and Alexi now considers his a friend for fighting those fucking monsters with him. However, it also demonstrated the fundimental difference between how Alexi hates them, and how Collan does. Collan walked out of the battle happy that we took out one of their monsters. Alexi walked out pissed off that the Lasombra (6th Gen or below since he Shadow Stepped) that Arms of the Abyss tried to tear him apart and the hoared form Tzimisce got away, plus one of his ghouls was eaten by the Thing (the weird Sabbat creature that’s really a bunch of Kindred Vissed together into one uber-monster, can’t remember the name) and he couldn’t stop it.

What I liked the most about this game was that Alexi got to show a side of him that he never does. For one reason or another, Alexi holds a deep seeded hatred of the Sabbat, especially the two main clans of it (if you’re curious, figure it out RP), so instead of the proper womanizer who always keeps in exact specifications, you had an angry, bleeding Alexi with his hair literally half pulled out of his pony tail (I actually pulled my pony tail half out), shirt torn to pieces (didn’t do that, I liked that shirt), tie loosened, with a shotgun in hand and wild look in his eyes saying, “We’re going Lasombra hunting.” He and Dimitri (who was halfway back to Orlando and turned around when he felt me over the Blood Bond getting ripped in half and yelling obsenities at my unseen foe) walked around afterward with their shotguns out, looking very angry and checking to make sure that the Seneshal of Orlando was safe. He seemed equally as concerned about us, which was good. Suffice to say, as long as there are Sabbat in Titusville, Alexi is going back there. Once they’ve been driven back, he’s gonna want to kick them out of Cocoa. He’s still a business man, and made a few really great deals last night, but now he plans on leading a vigilante second life. He’ll be back to normal the next evening, but for now he’s showing his true self.