Hey Dove, just wanted to say thanx a lot, for a number of thngs. First of all, I think you’re a really kewl guy and I want to get to know you better as a friend, and I’m glad that you seem to share the same sentiment. Secondly, and this branches from the first, thanx for being there for Elric so much. I really can’t as much in this situation except in retrospect and I appreciate that you are looking out for him in my stead here. He’s my best friend and it means quite a bit to me to know that the two of you are getting so close and that you’re able to help him out when I’m unavailable or simply can’t provide what you can. Perhaps this means little as you hardly know me, but you have earned a lot of respect in my book and are a throughly honorable person as far as I’m concerned. I look forward to getting to know you better as well.