Well, I’ve finally finished the two tests I had today. Didn’t do too bad either. One of these tests was supposed to be right before Spring Break, and wasn’t on one of the chapters it should have been on, so I now know more than I should. They will arrive to kill me for that soon enough (i.e. “The Kaoru Who Knew Too Much”), but in the meantime I can waste time waiting for my DAMN SHOWER! Room mates really must learn that running water does not nessesarily merit a shower, and therefore if he’s gonna play on his computer, he should allow others to make use of the 1×1 square foot cubicle that I manage to maintain a form of hygene in since he is not technically “in the shower.” I would go as far as saying that he is “OUT OF the shower,” to be perfectly honest, but there are times in which quibling over details with a Rugby player is not worth the trouble.

Well, for those of you who do not know, as of yesterday I have been accepted for a job as a RHAP, which basically means that I can get paid for hanging out with Jonathan in the RHAP office talking larp and watching movies a couple of nights a week. Theoretically I might be able to get paid to talking to Mary, which would be ideal in many respects. Then again, I’m still going to try and one up myself by getting a job at Radio Shack with Ramirez and Elric. I’ll apply tomorrow. I need money, and while I’m learning to program, that’s not a definate. Then again, very little is in a world based on change. I’m not saying that this is, just that it could be.

Anyway, shower is open, so it’s my turn to bask in the variable temperature that my cleaning facility can provide. There is no greater difficulty than finding the millimeter of area in which the water is neither going to burn a hole clear through me or perserve me for future generations, besides perhaps, having to do this in 30 second intervals. I can’t wait until we move into the appartment.