Well, I just got back from the new Health and Wellness Center that I’ve been trying to work up the desire to go to since the beginning of the semester. While the muscles that I use to sit at the computer and sleep late are amazingly worked out on a constant basis, I had essentially forgotten that the other ones actually exsisted. I am currently well aware of not only their exsistence, but more to the point of wishing to deactivate them for a short interval while they stop burning. I exagerate now, it didn’t seem quite that way earlier. To be perfectly honest, and I fear to lose some friends to heart attacks so brace yourselves, I actually enjoyed myself very much. My friend Jen and I went there and were able to talk while my legs continued to move and I occationally took a moment to marvel at the high technology that was cycling the belt beneath my feet. I felt somewhat good afterwards, though I was probably dressed the absolute worst for the occation (black jeans, 3v1l L33t shirt, and Airwalks) and I am sweating more than I have in extreme air conditioning since the last time I was in a Siberian POW camp for Christmas. I might make this a habit. Probably surprise the hell out of Mary. I can see it now: “Chris, I can’t believe it. Your stomach no longer jiggles when I poke it! You still make that hilarious laugh of yours, though.” ::she pokes me and I laugh like the Pilsbury Dough Boy:: Possible? I’m gonna keep rationalizing to myself that I don’t like exercise, just the really kewl high tech stuff they have there. Besides, I can’t work out too hard. If I get to look any better it’ll only cause problems for everybody. Well, that’s my rant for the moment.