I must say, I am feeling quite good today. Can’t really say why, but I am. I know it’s not because of the Philosophy test on Thursday, which I’ve gotten a good amount of studying done on (enough that I can finish tomorrow). Oh well, those that know me pretty well could probably pinpoint it.

Suffice to say (get used to that phrase), I don’t seem to be experiencing any adverse effects since starting my journal, like I always said I would. However, there is no rash and I have not spontaneously combusted (once again, as I said I would), which means that there’s a possibility that I may, in fact, have been mistaken. And I am making a point of not admitting that to anyone except, apparently, the entire world. Could is be that LJ has actually bolstered (stripped away) my twisted sense of dignity that insists that I must consistently be correct? I think it may be time to redefine my egotistical beliefs/pursuits.

On that same note, I also apparently don’t know everything. This is a fascinating revelation, considering that it took such a slight thing to break through it, yet years of harboring misinformation did not. What could have bashed the great Kaoru on the head, so much so that he admitted to not possessing some modicum of information that doesn’t deal with himself? Actually, it was the greatness of the Traveling Wilburies. Now, I am a classic rock fan, which is to say I am a fanatic, which is to say that I worship the genre and believe redemption is found in a passion-filled rock & roll voice and that it isn’t love without a righteous guitar solo. How did I miss a band consisting of Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, and Roger McGuinn? Not only that, but it dismisses my earlier claims that Eric Clapton was only in 4 major bands (Yardbirds, Cream, Derick and the Dominoes, and his solo career), so it must be that I was mistaken for several years. Now, a true worshiper of rock music from the 60’s-80’s (with a few interspersed around it), should have picked up on this, correct? Granted, there are things that I learn about my music of choice on a daily basis, but I prefer to think of them as things that I knew, but needed to remind myself of (I have a terrible memory). I could continue along that track for this, but I think it’s time to come to the realization that I don’t know everything, but I still know more than anyone else %). Just kidding. It seems I still have quite a bit of studying to do, none of which involves school in the slightest. I guess that’s what geniuses do when school fails to satisfy %). Ego, what? Well, if anyone else has some obscure classic rock facts for me, let me know and I’ll see if I already did.