And the Triumverant is complete! Now the Musketeers are all on this shabby excuse for addictive social interaction, and I have broken down from a burning need for someone to talk to me, damnit. I was, until very recently, vehemetly opposed to Live Journals, citing that they were a bastardization of the concept of a journal and basically substituted for a whiny forum of pity seekers looking for a shoulder to cry on… Then I read Callahan’s.

Ok, so my newest addiction previous to this one is due to good friend D’Artagnan (excuse my spelling if that’s wrong) himself, who happens to be named Paul. Spider Robinson’s Callahan Chronicles, a set of semi-science-fiction novels about a bar called Callahan’s in which the strangest people always arrive and the regulars help them with their problems in between making bad puns and breaking copious amounts of glasses in the large, deep fireplace that Callahan keeps there for that specific purpose. So, perhaps a forum to talking about your thoughts isn’t only not original, but not really that bad.

More importantly, I am a writer. I’m into philosophy, and for some odd reason, ideas aren’t taken as seriously these days unless they are posted on the internet someplace. Same goes for stories (which you will see some of mine, much to your satisfaction, or else), and various other artistic and world-changing works. I find it really funny that people are more likely to understand what I’m saying if they are reading it on a generally unreliable source of information rather than hearing it in person. Maybe this way people won’t be mesmerized by my gorgeous and flowing hair. I have that problem a lot.

For all of you that I know, and I’m sure that this will spread fast, welcome to my site. Hopefully you know I’m not nearly as jaded as this would imply. I’m in a mood to be satirical. Hope you guys post, and now I’ll be able to post on some of yours. In the meantime, once more into the breach, dear friends. Someone help my poor, Live Journaled soul. I have been trapped, but perhaps it might not be that bad.